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20 Avenue Thiers Antibes 06600 France

+33 625 16 5457


From 12.00 to 6.00pm

Arrival after hours is subject to extra charge: € 20.00 after 6.30pm

                    : € 30.00 after 8.30pm

From the Antibes Bus station or Railway/Station to Glamorgan

When you are living the Bus Station/ you cross the walk bridge, then you arrive in the Antibes Railway Station. From outside you see the “GRAND CAFE DE LA GARE”, across you have the park Rene Cassin. In between you have a 4 ways Avenue Robert Soleau.

Cross the street has you wish to go to the cafe, -where you can stop for a good coffee by the way-, unless follow the walk way on the side on the cafe. You will see the Antibes tourism still follow Avenue Robert Soleau. At the second light you see the Monte Paschi Bank, pass the bank and you make a left in the Avenue Thiers, go to # 20 and you are done.  350 m 10 minutes’ walk

Glamorgan is at 10 miles from International Nice-Airport. Taxis are very expensive €80 + from Airport to Antibes so try to avoid such transport.
Train from Nice to Antibes IN DAY TIME is also very good, but from Nice-Airport you need to take a bus to go to Nice Railway Station.
The best way from Nice-airport is to take special bus # 250 going to Antibes-Cannes (€11.00), or bus # 200 bus-stop to 4 lanes highway, across terminal 1, going to Antibes-Cannes (€2.00), and you can stop at the Antibes Central Bus/Railway station.
The Glamorgan is only at 10 minutes by feet from Antibes Bus /Railway Station / Port Vauban / La Gravette sand beach
If you arrive in the day or late in the evening, you also can ask Glamorgan for special cab to collect you for €55.00 from Nice airport to Glamorgan.


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