A Booking is No Refundable after check-in
By making a booking FOR A STAY at Glamorgan, you declares that you have read, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND and you accept the terms & conditions.

They form the terms of a legally binding contract between Glamorgan and you

Prices are + Tax + Booking fees €5.00 & Conditions from March 1st to 1st October 2018
No Mixed Room, unless necessity
. A refundable key deposit of € 20.00 is required upon check-in to cover loss or damage of the entrance key.

We reserve the right to move a guest at any time in another room, or subsidiary location. Beds are allocated at arrival or later until 7.00pm
If you find a yacht job (proof required), we may refund pre-payment after a minimum charge of 7 days and appreciation of the request
Student price is no refundable & subject to proof of following courses (only in the yacht industry) in South of France
If you decide to leave before your due date or move to another place, no refund on pre-payment

When you book with or Expedia or other, rules of these agencies are applied

Miami Dorm for Man 6 bunk beds shower and toilet outside the room
Crew Standard €32.00 per night    mini stay 3 days   1 week €220.00 Friday Saturday Sunday €34.00 

Student in yacht industry following courses in South of France

€28.00 per night    mini stay 3 days   Friday Saturday Sunday €32.00    1 week €196.00 - no refundable-

Sydney / London Dorm Rooms + ensuite shower & toilet 4/5 guests

1 double bed for 1 guest €45.00 for 2 guests €55.00 Friday Saturday Sunday €60.00

3 bunk Standard €34.00 per person    mini stay 3 days Friday Saturday Sunday €38.00
+ €20.00 per child from 4 year-old   Friday Saturday Sunday €65.00

Auckland Crew/Family Room (Garden) + ensuite shower & toilet 4/5 guests

1 double bed for 1 guest €45.00 for 2 guests €55.00 Friday Saturday Sunday €60.00

+ 3 bunk beds €34.00 per person

For Family Child + €20.00 from 4 years old - Friday Saturday Sunday €+5.00 -

Rooms Mansard/Attic
Cape Town Room + en-suite Bathroom & toilet KING SIZE BED   €90.00 for 1or 2 guests Friday Saturday Sunday €100.00
 Extra Bed+ €30.00 for 3rd guest
 St-Tropez Girl Dorm Room 6 bunk beds + ensuite Bathroom & separate toilet €34.00 Friday Saturday Sunday € 38.00 mini stay 3 days     

Arrival after business hours from 12.00am to 6.00pm is subject to extra charge: € 15.00 until 7.30pm, € 25.00 until 8.30pm  The Glamorgan, 20 Avenue Thiers, 06600 Antibes, France
Mob: +33 (0)6 25 16 54 57  Email: book@  or


Glamorgan is not in charge of cleaning your dishes. You have to do it and clean what you use. Start the dishwasher at night before 8.45pm, before the power goes off at 10h30pm, and then empty it, otherwise you won’t have anything clean for the morning. Do not leave anything dirty in the sink or by the side. If the dishwasher is full or running then wash things by hand and put them away so crap doesn’t pile up next to the sink. Make sure the kitchen is cleaned up properly after you finish cooking, so you don’t wake up to a mess tomorrow.

Change the garbage bags if needed, please don’t just leave the bin overflowing! Keep the property, garden and laundry room tidy and clean, and the kitchen after using in a clean, livable condition. Your mother isn’t here, so CLEAN UP after yourself, otherwise due to permanent abuse there will be an additional charge applicable to you of € 5.00 per day and per guest.
Drunk people are not allowed in the house and will have to leave immediately the house.
Additional charges of € 5.00 per day if the guest does not follow house rules.

You are in a No Smoking establishment. If we find that guests have been smoking in the room, or anywhere on the premises, then we reserve the right to ask you to leave immediately. You will remain liable for the whole of the cost of your stay. SMOKING IS PERMIT ONLY in the backyard garden, and CLEANING of ashtrays REQUIRED.

Flower pot are not garbage box or ashtray.

Drug use is illegal in France. Any guest found using drugs within the building will be fined (€250.00), reported to Crew Agencies and  leave the premises immediately. A refund will not be issued.

And please make sure the doors, windows and shutters are closed at the back of the house before you go out / bed at night, please keep the noise to a respectful level.

The Glamorgan operates a zero-noise policy after 10.00pm, anyone failing to comply will be asked to pack their bags, made to leave the house INSTANTELY, by the police if necessary.

By choosing to book The Glamorgan you agree to comply with all the house rules.